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About Sacred Rivers Yoga

"And as the rivers that flow from the east and the west merge in the sea and become one with it, forgetting that they were ever separate rivers, all creatures lose their separateness when they merge into pure being."

- Chandogya Upanishad

Our mission is to create a sacred space...a sanctuary for the soul to recognize our oneness and to support each other on our personal paths of self-discovery and growth... learning to listen to inner wisdom... and to lighten up.

In order to better help you understand our goals and beliefs, we have included a brief background on yoga for you to enjoy, along with a history that explains our name, Sacred Rivers.

The word "Nadi"is a Sanskrit term. The nadis constitute the network that links the subtle body with the physical body and the bliss body. They conduct prana - life force - throughout the body. The subtle body is said to have 72,000 nadis that channel prana to every cell. Some are open, wide, and rushing; others may be blocked.

Yoga practices help us to unclog the nadis so that prana can flow freely. The three principal nadis, which originate at the base of the spine, are the sushumna (great river), running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, passing through the seven chakras...the pingala, and the ida (sacred rivers).

When Prana flows freely in the nadis, all three sacred rivers join together at Anja chakra - third eye center... Hatha Yoga... Union

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