Unlimited Classes at an Affordable Price

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If you come to class just twice per week, our monthly unlimited was designed for you! At just $90 (plus tax) per month, you have unlimited access to our class schedule with the additional convenience of payments being taken care of automatically.

Commit to your practice and make self-care a priority. On our monthly membership, you save more money every time you come to class!

  • Practice 2x per week – $10.50 per class
  • Practice 3x per week – $7.50 per class
  • Practice 4x per week – $5.30 per class

Membership Benefits:

  •  Unlimited yoga classes
  • 10% off all SRY workshops
  • 10% off SRY shirts
  • 10% off gift certificates for family and friends
  • Two free guest passes every 3 months

*3-month minimum commitment on all auto-pay monthly memberships

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Want To Reduce Stress?

“When you own your own breath, nothing can steal your peace.” – Unknown

 According to Herbert Benson, M.D., Director of Mind/Body Center at Harvard Medical School, 60-90% of doctor visits for everything from the common cold to cancer are stress related. The practice of yoga is well demonstrated to reduce the effects of stress on the body, mind, and spirit. The benefits of yoga are immeasurable. Commit to your own self-care and connect with your true nature.

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