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The 500 hour certification is currently the highest level of education recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This program will deepen your teaching skills and/or your personal practice. You must be a certified 200 hour teacher in order to be considered for admission. The program is an additional 300 hours for the total of 500.

Clarification: The 100 hours of teaching required by the Yoga Alliance for your 500 hour RYT is not a prerequisite for joining the 500 hour program. You will begin accumulating those hours with every class you teach upon completion of your 200 hour RYT.

Our mission is to create a sacred space…a sanctuary for the soul to recognize our oneness and to support each other on our personal paths of self discovery and growth…learning to listen to inner wisdom. In this modern world of energetic chaos, we invite you to breathe, find stillness, and connect within to expand without. Our program is based on connection, compassion, and community. Our presence here together will shape your presence everywhere!

Mindful reflection and self witness will begin to take seed, restoring the self. Learn to trust your inner wisdom. Embody integrity and authenticity.

Introducing the Ancient Art and Science of Yoga: This 300 Hour training empowers students to explore depth and inquiry of one’s own physical and spiritual practice. We have created a sacred yet non-dogmatic, and a supportive yet rigorous environment catered to your personal growth. Throughout this process, we will explore teaching techniques while refining language skills to heighten successful delivery of cues and instructions.

Teach from a Place of Integrity, Truth, and Embodiment: We teach you to think critically about ‘why, how, and what’ you teach. When you complete this program, you will have more than memorized sequences and standardized sets of instructions. We will provide you with the tools for your yogic ‘toolbox’; and encourage you to strengthen your own voice.

Sacred Rivers’ ‘Yoga for Every Body’ Yoga Alliance 200 & 500 hour registered schools have been graduating students since 2004. Please read what our graduates have to say here.

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“My participation in the program over this past year, has had powerful influences for me. I’ve appreciated the input from teachers, co-students and reading. Thank you for all the loving care that you pour into making the program so deeply comprehensive.”

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