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I want to enroll in YTT at Sacred Rivers for several reasons. One is that Paula is a licensed massage therapist. l believe her background sets the tone for an environment that is both spiritual and practical. Practical is clear understanding of anatomy and movement. The spiritual or non tangible is the qualitative aspect of the environment. lt is open, accepting and safe… As both an LMT and yoga teacher, l believe she will select workshop teachers who will possess a similar perspective and outlook. Additionally, Sacred Rivers is a well established, reputable and ethical business.


I cannot say enough good things about this program! Such an amazing school and experience!


Teacher Training at Sacred Rivers Yoga was such a gift! I continue to reap the benefits of my training and the community built there. Thank you to Paula and all of the wonderful instructors!


“Andrew was amazing and really mind blowing. So knowledgable, engaging, and passionate about Kriya yoga and presented asana, pranyama, meditation into a perfect package. So exciting that he will be back again. Thanks for always exposing us to amazing yogis. I know I can speak for the group in saying we all feel truly lucky and blessed to be a part of your amazing program :)”


“My participation in the program over this past year, has had powerful influences for me. I’ve appreciated the input from teachers, co-students and reading. Thank you for all the loving care that you pour into making the program so deeply comprehensive.”


“I loved this past weekend’s teacher training! I think both Loren and Jennifer are great for breaking down the asanas and sequencing. As for Somananda Yogi, I loved his class! I am very interested in Buddhism along with my yoga studies, so I found it helpful and interesting. Thank you for such a great program, I have enjoyed myself SO much these past 10 months!”


“I came to SRY in 2006, where I begged Paula to let me work at the front desk. She agreed, thankfully, and from there I began teaching several classes a week. I joined her 500 hour Yoga Alliance program and learned more than I ever thought possible about asana, philosophy and anatomy. I still, seven years after graduation, have some very close friends from that time we spent together learning and exploring the branches of yoga. From there, I went on to teach at SRY and other local studios until I moved to NY, where I taught up to 15 classes a week and managed a yoga studio in Queens. Now, after marrying and the birth of my son in 2014, our family has relocated to south Florida, where I am beginning to teach. It is always looked on as a very positive thing to have completed the 500 hour program, and I even have studio owners asking ME questions because many of them have only completed the 200 hour training. With the knowledge gained through the program, I not only deepened my teaching, but also my writings on the practice of yoga. I have several articles published on Elephant Journal and was sought out by the Poetry of Yoga creator, Hawah, to ask permission to use one of my poems, Harmonium, in The Poetry of Yoga, Vol. 2. I am grateful for Paula and SRY for giving me the space to blossom into the teacher I am today.”


“I’m really enjoying myself and so glad I’m doing my 500 at SRY.”


“My training at Sacred Rivers prepared me to adapt my classes to all levels and we have some people in chairs, some restorative poses and I offer intermediate and advanced poses for my experienced students. Much Gratitude to all that I learned to prepare me for this wonderful journey! Thank you.”


“Thank you, Paula, for offering this flexible program to allow working folks the ability to follow their dreams by obtaining this YTT certification. I would have had to put this off until my retirement years had you not offered such a flexible program! As I sit here and take my test, I am amazed at how much I have learned from this program. It has been a wonderful challenge and experience for me and I am so grateful to you for giving me this opportunity!”


“I signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Sacred Rivers Yoga in 2010 with the primary intention of personal, spiritual development. I don’t know if I could’ve prepared for the transformative experience that unfolded over the next 12 months in the program with Paula and the amazing students of my cohort. In addition to the in-depth training on the physical aspects of yoga I learned more about myself, my beliefs about health and healing, and what it means to cultivate a personalized spiritual practice. I absolutely loved how we were taught to weave what most resonated with into our own unique styles, which made for a very rich experience. We had plenty of practical time during the program for hands on learning and Paula brings in a breadth of outside presenters to further deepen our knowledge and opportunities. Cohorts are made up of people from all walks of life, young and old, who all come together for the common love for yoga. Newer students have the opportunity to learn and be mentored by those who are further along with their studies who also get to harness their skills through mentoring. Each student provides value to the whole of the YTT community. Paula is a wonderful and thoughtful guide and makes a clear commitment to getting to know each and every student in her programs. That to me was huge. I felt cared for, nurtured and was able to grow at my own pace.”

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