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Aids return of venous and lymphatic flow to the heart. Long, fluid strokes-“effleurage”- combined with kneading -“petrissage” are typically used to soothe and relax a client. Intent is to increase circulation and to relieve stress/anxiety by bringing the parasympathetic nervous system into balance.
Used to help restore the natural function of a muscle, ligament or tendon. Techniques utilized include, but are not limited to: cross tissue - cross friction - myofascial work - stretching (passive and active) and trigger point work - circular friction - range of motion - structural integration.
Used pre- and post- athletic event to warm up muscles and increase circulation, and to help to stretch and lengthen muscles afterwards. It is also used as an aid to prevent injury during training, incorporating such techniques as joint work and range of motion exercises and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) - supported assisted stretching and tense and release actions are also used. This type of massage is typically deeper work that focuses on maximizing your body’s potential.
This is an ancient form of bodywork that utilizes deep rhythmic compressions, assisted stretching, assisted and sustained yoga postures to induce a deep sense of openness, peace, and relaxation. At the core, Thai Massage is an energy based system of bodywork that tonifies and clears channels to allow the receiver optimum health and attitude. The effects of Thai massage are cumulative, and tend to last for many days following a session.

About the practitioner: Rick Haesche is a Connecticut State Licensed Massage Therapist and registered THAI Practitioner. He was introduced to Thai Massage at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1994, and shortly after that he began formal study with Maxine Shapiro in Newton, MA. In 1997 he traveled to Chiang Mai Thailand to study, practice and receive Traditional Thai Massage. In 2006 Rick completed a rigorous 40 hour Advanced Thai Massage Class with Pierce Salguero of Tao Mountain Thai Massage School. Currently he is in full time a private practice at Sacred Rivers Yoga in Glastonbury Connecticut, and teaches Thai Massage at massage schools, yoga studios, and spas throughout New England, New York and New Jersey. Rick Haesche is an NCBTMB approved provider for Continuing Education.
Reiki is a method of relaxation and stress reduction that has a side benefit of healing. The client lies on a massage table fully dressed while the therapist balances the nervous system of the subtle body and the chakra system. The therapist works on or above the body, channeling universal energy to flow easily throughout the body. Reiki is especially effective when used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.
Therapeutic bodywork which focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. Pregnant women lie on their sides to be massaged and pillows are used to prop and support the mother-to-be. In addition to the fact that massage during pregnancy feels good, there are many other benefits for mother and baby. Studies have shown that massage can actually reduce stress hormones in the body. Touch is vital to the mother’s physical and emotional well-being as she adapts to her new body image. It can also assist in maintaining proper posture, preparing muscles for childbirth, reduce swelling in hands and feet, lessen sciatic pain, and relieve headache and sinus congestion.
Fascia is the connective tissue that provides support and protection for muscles within the human body. Often times, due to trauma, overuse, disease, or inactivity, this fascia becomes restricted causing pain, muscle tightness, and diminished blood flow. Myofascial release is a therapy used to help release these tissues through gentle, hands-on, sustained pressure.
Our Practitioners

Jill Cole is a Reiki Master and Rising Star Practitioner. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and worked in this field for a number of years. Jill lives in Connecticut with husband and three children. She is amazed at the healings people receive through energy work,. Now more than ever it is important to clear yourself of toxic energy, with the stresses that many are experiencing right now this helps to alleviate negative energy so people can be at their best and feel more at peace.

Emily Fazzino is a graduate from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. She understands that every body is unique and each individual has their own needs. Whether you are looking for stress relief, pain management, or a quiet place to connect with yourself, Emily is able to meet your needs with her specialized skills and techniques. Emily has a calming demeanor that allows clients to feel safe and fully relaxed. Emily specialized in the following modalities; relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, orthopedic work, pregnancy massage, acupressure and energy work. As a professional massage therapist she will work together with clients to ensure that they receive the best out of every session.

Marianne McAllister is a graduate of Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy, Newington, CT, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She provides a personalized massage guided by your individual needs and preferences and through any of a suite of modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, hot stone therapy and Thai massage. Her training and intuition will help you reduce pain, increase muscle health, decrease stress, anxiety and depression, increase your vitality and stimulate your energy flow — a comprehensive healing experience that goes beyond the relief of physical symptoms.

Bria Day Spa: Joanna Chevrette, permanently located within Sacred Rivers Yoga. Joanna offers a variety of high quality facial, skincare, and body care treatments. To book an appointment, please call 860.657.8279 or email

3B Wellness: Rebecca Turgeon, MS, LPC, CHC, permanently located within Sacred Rivers Yoga. Rebecca offers counseling and wellness coaching; individual, couples, and family counseling, career, life, and business coaching, and clinical supervision for licensed counselors. She also specializes in women’s health issues, depression, perinatal mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, life transitions, grief and loss, building life sway, and building healthy relationships. Rebecca accepts the following forms of insurance: Anthem, Cigna, Healthy CT, Husky, ESI EAP, Wheeler Clinic EAP. Out of networks benefits and self pay accepted. To book an appointment, please call 860.604.0006 or email

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Benefits Of Holisitc Practices
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Enhanced Sleep Quality
  • Greater Energy
  • Improve Concentration
  • Increased Circulation
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Lower Blood Pressure
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  • 1 hour $75.00
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  • 1 1/2 hour $100.00

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