COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

In consideration of your health, safety, and peace of mind, we are implementing the following upon re-opening for ‘in studio’ classes:

*Installation of touchless soap and disinfectant dispensers on studio walls by
Pat Meggers, DITEK Consulting, LLC Glastonbury, CT and Regal Cleaning 860-882-2742

*Installation of Air Filter (s)
Click HERE to react about the iAdaptAir® HEPA air purifier, which combines the top five technologies – AHPCO®, Bi-Polar® ionization, germicidal ultraviolet, True HEPA and carbon filtration into one product.

*Use of one studio only with 30 minutes in between classes for thorough cleaning

*A ‘Re- opening Cleaning’ will be scheduled along with weekly heavy duty cleaning by Sani King in addition to our daily cleaning:
includes full disinfectant fogging/spraying & non-porous surface wipe down of all high surfaces including: light switches, door knobs, stair rails, desks, phones, kitchenette, bathrooms, etc.
HEPA vacuuming all flooring (carpet, LVT, tile, stairs etc); low moisture flat mop of the LVT floors in studios with a germicidal cleaning disinfectant. Click HERE for more info about the plant-based disinfectant, which is a nature-inspired thymol blend approved by the CDC.

*Separate entrance and exit – we will use exit at rear of studio into parking lot so as to avoid traffic coming and going on the stairs. There will be clear markings and lots of signage!

*Masks will be required.

*Spacing of six feet apart; entire studio and studio floors will be marked. First come, first serve
We will have to operate at 50% capacity. Must pre register and pay on MB.

*Please bring your own mat. Cleansers will be provided for cleaning it before and after class.

*Props will not be provided at this time. Please do not bring your own. (I am sorry)

*Please register and pay on Mind Body. The front desk will be closed initially.
We will re- send directions

*The waiting room, library, and retail area will be closed.

*Hot water and tea will not be available.

*Please bring your own water.

*We will be posting our ‘in studio’ schedule asap after receiving feedback from our teachers.
We have had to shift some class times slightly to accommodate health and safety protocols.